:: 1970 ::
:: 1971 ::
  • The first advertisement for a microprocessor appears, the Intel 4004.
  • The 8″ floppy diskette appears.
  • Ray Tomlinson invents email and the @ separator.
  • The first laser printer is developed at Xerox.
  • The first Kenbak-1 is sold. It’s considered one of the earliest personal computers.
:: 1972 ::
  • The historic Pong game and it’s parent, Atari Video Games debuts.
  • Atari also releases the Atari 800, an 8 bit personal computer.
  • Another early video game pioneer, the Magnavox Odyssey digital console, is introduced.
  • The ARPANet links to the UK.
:: 1973 ::
:: 1974 ::
  • Intel and Zilog introduce new processors 5 times faster then their predecessors.
  • The Scelbi 8h is introduced.
  • Digital Research is founded to market and develop CP/M.
:: 1975 ::
  • Telnet is born.
  • The visual display module (VDM) prototype is designed in 1975 by Lee Felsenstein.
  • The Altair 8800 is released.
  • Byte Magazine hits the stands.
  • Microsoft is founded.
  • The first digital camera, the Cromemco Cyclops, is introduced as a peripheral to the Altair 8800.
  • The IMSAI 8080 is released, a direct competitor to the popular Altair.
:: 1976 ::
  • The TENEX operating system is released.
  • The RCA COSMAC CDP 1802 becomes the first microprocessor in space on board the Voyager I spacecraft.
  • The Cray 1 becomes the first commercially successful vector processor.
  • CP/M is developed, a popular operating system for personal computers.
  • MIT proposes the Spatial Data Management System to DARPA.
  • Apple Computer is founded.
  • Interface Age Magazine’s first issue goes on sale.
  • Chromemco is incorporated.
  • The Cromemco Dazzler is released. It’s the first commercially available graphics card for microcomputers.
  • Vector Graphic is officially registered as a company.
  • The first ComputerLand computer store opens.
:: 1977 ::
  • Apple Computer releases the Apple II to instant success.
  • The Tandy TRS-80 is introduced.
  • TCP arrives.
  • The Commodore PET is released.
  • Oracle Corporation is founded.
  • The VAX-11/780 by Digital Equipment Corporation is introduced.
  • The Vector-1 microcomputer is released by Vector Graphic.
  • PeachTree Accounting arrives. It’s the first business software introduced for microcomputers.
  • The first fiber optic telephone cables are installed in California.
:: 1978 ::
:: 1979 ::
  • VisiCalc , a program designed to automate spreadsheets, debuts to enormous success.
  • Usenet is created by college students.
  • IBM introduces the System/38.
  • Acorn Computer is founded in the UK.
  • The Chromemco System Three is released.
  • WordStar is released.

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