googleFrom Googles’ “What’s a Google?”

Googol is the mathematical term for a 1 followed by 100 zeros. It’s a very large number.

Google is a company with a very large number of users, and a laser-like focus on finding the right answer for each and every one of them more than 200 million times a day.

A Google user might be a woman in Atlanta trying to decide what car to buy. Or a doctor in Osaka looking for the latest study on an unusual illness. Or maybe a business executive in London researching a competitor.

A Google user could be a webmaster looking for ways to increase the usefulness of her website or a marketing director in search of better ROI for his ad budget.

The tool they have all chosen to help them is the Google search engine, an easy-to-use online service that scours more than a billion web pages for pertinent information.

In every case Google provides an answer that is unique to the user and uniquely useful. An answer that is delivered quickly and guaranteed to be relevant and clear. And because Google does this better than any other online service, Google users have made it the fastest growing, most used search engine in the world.

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