java-logoJava began life at Sun Microsystems in late 1990. It is an object oriented language developed by James Gosling and colleagues. It was originally called “Oak” after the tree outside of Gosling’s window and is often confused with Javascript, which is bears no similarity to it except in syntax and name. Originally the team consisted of Gosling, Patrick Naughton, and Mike Sheridan.

They at first considered using C++, but each found the language problematic for many of their goals. After initially attempting to modify and extend C++, Gosling finally decided to create a new language entirely. Portions of the new code would be demonstrated in the summer of 1992. Later in 1994 the team was reunited to apply the technology to the internet, writing one of the first Java web browsers and it was around this time it was actually named “Java”.

In the summer of the same year, the browser and platform was shown to executives and the first public release was on May 23rd, 1995. At the same time, Netscape announced it would include Java support in it’s browser. Sun currently maintains the Java code and updates it regularly.

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