From Westinghouse’s Company History:

It began in the Age of Steam, a 19th century success story that resonates in the 21st century. George Westinghouse, a spunky teenager with a head full of ideas, seizes opportunity after opportunity to make technology better, faster, more efficient. In the process, he helps improve the way people live. He starts a company, then another, then dozens of them. His ventures survive him and evolve through decade after turbulent decade into forms he couldn’t have predicted, but would no doubt have understood.

Primary research and technology development activities at Westinghouse occur in our Science and Technology Department, located at the George Westinghouse Research & Technology Park in Churchill, Pennsylvania. Current research focuses on five major areas: energy systems, chemical processing, materials and corrosion, materials reliability, and decision analysis.

Many of the scientists and engineers in the Science and Technology Department are among the world’s leading experts in their fields. Combining this expertise with that of the BNFL research and technology group helps Westinghouse advance nuclear power technology for the benefit of our customers and electricity users worldwide.

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