:: 1990::
  • Cray reveals their new supercomputer, the Y-MP2E. The price tag is 2.2 million.
  • Symantec releases Norton Anti Virus.
  • Development begins on Java at Sun Microsystems.
  • id Software is founded.
  • The Video Toaster, an early video editing system, is introduced by NewTek.
  • The “Wicked Fast” Apple Macintosh IIfx is released.
:: 1991 ::
:: 1992 ::
  • Hysteria over the Michelangelo virus is fueled by the media, convincing users that 1/4 of the world’s hard drives would be overwritten.
  • Apple vs Microsoft is dismissed.
  • Intel announces their new processor will be called Pentium.
  • Development of the Mosaic web browser begins.
  • The text based web browser Lynx is released.
  • id Software releases Wolfenstein 3D, the original first person shooter.
  • Sun Microsystems completes the prototype for the Star7, one of the earliest touch screen tablets.
:: 1993 ::
:: 1994 ::
  • The first online bank is introduced.
  • Yahoo and Netscape are launched. This is followed by the release of Netscape Navigator.
  • 3dfx Interactive is founded.
  • Python 1.0 is released.
  • FedEx launches it’s website, the first that provides online package tracking.
  • The hacker group known as the Phonemasters breach MCI WorldCom, Sprint, AT&T, and Equifax, causing an estimated 1.8 million in damages.
  • The Opera web browser is launched.
:: 1995 ::
  • The Security Administrator Tool for Analyzing Networks (SATAN) is released.
  • Windows 95 is introduced.
  • Amazon sells it’s first book online.
  • Ebay is founded. It would soon soar to become the largest online auction site.
  • Toy Story becomes the first full length feature film made completely with CGI.
  • Apache Web Server arrives.
  • The Sony PlayStation is released in North America.
  • The Ruby programming language is publicly released.
  • Red Hat Inc. is formed.
  • The Opera web browser debuts.
  • PHP is introduced, becoming a widely popular web technology.
  • Development of Javascript begins at Netscape.
  • Search engine AltaVista is launched by DEC.
  • Vladimir Levin hacks Citibank computers and transfers 10 million USD to his own account.
  • Tadpole Computers unveils the Tadpole ALPHABook 1.
:: 1996 ::
  • CD-RW technology is developed.
  • Internet Explorer arrives.
  • Lycos is launched.
  • Microsoft releases Exchange.
  • Quake is released by id Software, continuing a highly successful run of first person shooters. It is the successor to the Doom series.
  • The Palm Pilot 1000 and Pilot 5000 are introduced.
  • eBay is founded.
  • The Opera web browser is released.
  • Hotmail is launched.
:: 1997 ::
  • IBM introduces Deep Blue, the fastest computer of it’s day. It beats Gary Kasparov in a game of chess.
  • The U.S. Supreme Court rejects the Communications Decency Act, ruling it violates the First Amendment.
  • Video streaming giant Netflix is founded and it’s website launched.
:: 1998 ::
  • Google, now the most popular search engine, is created.
  • The government creates ICANN ( Internet Corporation for Assigned Numbers and Names) to privatize the registration of domain names.
  • The Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act becomes law.
  • Microsoft releases Windows 98.
  • Compaq announces acquisition of Digital Equipment Corporation.
  • eMachines releases low priced home PCs and becomes the number five retailer in four months.
  • MySQL is released.
  • Virtualization company VMware is founded.
  • Apple introduces the iMac.
  • Seminal sci-fi real time strategy game StarCraft is released.
  • The Digital Millenium Copyright Act becomes law in the U.S.
:: 1999 ::
  • The Chernobyl virus is discovered. It’s the first to infect the BIOS.
  • Fear of the Millennium Bug causes industrialized countries and companies around the world to spend billions in correcting the error before the dawn of the new century.
  • Shawn Fanning creates Napster.
  • The Melissa virus appears, one of the fastest spreading viruses ever.
  • The First Internet Bank of Indiana is online. It is the first internet-only banking service.

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